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Encouraging others, spreading kindness and making people feel loved is
the very essence of Life Beautifully Designed.
Learn a little more about my story and how I ended up here.

My Story

How It All Began

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Tammy and I am the creative, letterer and designer behind Life Beautifully Designed. My journey to “making stuff” started at about six, when I would spend hours crafting handmade cards for my dad out of pretty wrapping paper scraps, doodling all over and then taping anything I could find to them (who doesn’t need a strip of five pennies or Cheerios?!). For as long as I can remember, I have always used a hand written note to tell people how much I love them. Fast forward through a graphic design career, formal calligraphy training and hand lettering courses, and along came Life Beautifully Designed.

Spreading kindness, giving back and loving others is the heart of Life Beautifully Designed. Pretty much from Day One, I received a gift that not many have received, especially in the late 70s. Through a string of what can only be described as divine interventions, I was fortunate enough to have been adopted as an infant from overseas and saved by grace (Ephesians 2:8-9) both physically and, later, supernaturally. It is this gift of unconditional love that inspires me to use the ability I have been given to try and bless others. Whether it is artwork for your home, a verse for your child, a gift to a friend whose spirits need lifting, it is my intent that every piece shows love to others. Your loved ones. Your special someone.

And because I believe my ability to create comes from God’s blessing, a portion of every piece of kindness is donated to organizations who support adoption and underprivileged children, and fight to abolish human trafficking. So your gifts give beyond and spread love and hope to people all over the world. What began as an outlet for me to connect with God’s Word has become a way to serve others and give back. Thank you for your desire to share in this mission.

When I take a break from work, you will find me with my husband and two precious daughters, somewhere in McKinney, Texas. I am most certainly wearing leggings, hair in a messy bun, drinking way too much coffee and dreaming about what is next.

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