Well, hello there, February! When did you get here?! I didn’t even realize you were coming! 😆

We don’t really make a “huge deal” of Valentine’s Day in our house …

Buuuut, we do have two girls in school … and they make Valentine’s for the classmates … and for five years, we’ve needed to make a box … sooo “huge deal” could also mean: huge deal. 😂

This was one of the first years, back in preschool. Which went officially like this: first, only child + not many kiddos = BIG #PinterestGoals, baby!

Not too shabby … construction paper + stickers + pipe cleaners. Easy peasy.

LBD Valentine's Day 2012

Here’s an example of something I did for the hubs and the girls …

LBD Valentine's Day Cards 2015

And here’s one year with some teacher treats and a box …

LBD Valentine's Day 2017

Seriously though, somebody should have told me to take better pictures because I might decide to write a blog someday!! … Oopsie!!

Gotta love those Instagram filters 😍

And last but not least, here is the littlest one, getting in on some of these awesome Paper Source cuties for her little buddies in Pre-K …

LBD Valentine's 2019

SHHH! Don’t tell anyone that I got those on sale last year!!

Can I get an “AMEN!” that I actually found them to use?!?!

And that she wanted to use them?!?!

AMEN!! Woo hoo!! … Man, she sure was cute that day! She art directed her photo and everything. So, I left those parts of our PJs showing in the pic for that reason. ❤️

BUT … the other reason I’m typing this is to give you guys a giveaway for your favorite Galentine! … Or 100 of them!!

There really is something extra sweet about taking a moment and sending a special note for Valentine’s Day to tell someone how much you love them! Not that it can’t be done on any day of the year!!

I just like the idea of telling those special gals, BFFs and girl friends that they’re pretty awesome!

Please download this FREE PRINTABLE, grab your best paper stock and your favorite pen and drop this little note on your person’s front door!