Have you ever had a day when you feel like you just cannot remember anything?

Or maybe “thought” you had everything figured out for the day and then quickly realized you did NOT?!

Oh yeah, that was me yesterday.

First, since the hubs had a day off, I took full advantage of that and we had a lunch date at a favorite taco shop – yum. Things were looking good!

Because any day that includes tacos is a good day. Amiright?!

He dropped me back off at home and then very sweetly started Daddy Taxi Service to go pick up the girls and get them to their respective activities.

Nice …

Except today, the piano teacher had asked me to move our lesson. She had asked me this weeks ago. It was plain as day but I didn’t write it down.

Whoops …

Next, I realized that I had about 85% of the healthy dinner I was going to make soooo … we ended up running out.

(This might actually be more of a win here. 😉😆🤫) …

Then I went to a Favorite Thing party and when I walked in the door, I realized that I was supposed to bring five things.


Not 3. Definitely not three.

However, it was an AWESOME thing that this was just a few minutes from my house … so right after I discovered my “oopsie,” I was able to run back home and track down two more of the gifts I had!!

Guess they really are one of my favorite things!! …

Then, when I sat down to write this post, even though I had thought about it earlier, I realized that today is Friday. Not Thursday. Haha, I guess this is WAY better than thinking it was Friday and then realizing it was only Thursday. That would not be as funny!

But my eyes, they started to get heavy and my body was physically tired from just staying up way too late …

So I paused for a second …

And rested my head into my hands …

Then I laid my head down on the table I was typing at and then … 😴😴😴 … Oh, yes, I did.

I fell asleep, sitting down in a chair, hunched over, for what seemed like awhile but I think it was only minutes.

So then, I woke up and just went to bed!!

But even through all the silly slip ups and forgetfulness and sitting down to tell you about my goofs but falling asleep doing so, at least somehow, I was able to keep it in perspective and see all the GOOD in absentmindedness.

And that my friends, is really what this life is all about, right?

Putting one foot in front of the other (even when we fall smack down on our face), seeking out the good stuff, focusing on the positive, learning from the mistakes.

Then getting up and doing it all over again. ❤️

PS: The picture above shows some of the orders that I received from the coolest Christmas Home Tour event I was able to attend at my amazing friend, KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms hosted at her dreamy winter wonderland farmhouse. You’ve got to head over to see it. Seriously. You will NOT regret it. Go now!!

PPS: And if you would like to have one of those cute ornaments for someone special or yourself, click here and fill out a request! But you might want to hurry, my stock for the large, custom ornaments is winding down for the year.