Happy Saturday, friends!

Can I just say how HAPPY I am that this is the first Saturday in months that we have not had a thing to do – and the sun has actually been shining!! WOO HOO!


And on top of that, it dropped about 30 degrees in the last couple of days so it really feels like fall!! Except, here in Texas, this could be full on winter. Either way, I don’t care.

☀️ + ⛄️ + 😍😍😍!!!

But I doubt you really want to hear about the crazy Texas weather patterns and are stopping by to check out the second part of my Christmas Ornament Reveal!! Yippie!!

Can I back up and give you a little back story?? …

Last year, while trying to come with ideas for Christmas gifts for people, I was scrolling through instagram and Pinterest seeing so many of those beautiful agate slice ornaments. I was like, ohhhh, where can I get these? How will I be able to find the colors I want? How many do I need to purchase?

And as I researched and dug, I just was not landing on a source that I felt good about. So, I scratched that idea and ended up finding little wood slice Christmas ornaments! The ones I found were more a little more traditional with the color palettes and sort of a camping or rustic feel. And they were ADORABLE!!

But I wanted something that could maybe stick around longer than Christmas and not have to come down with the tree.

So I sat down and started making ones with all my favorite home decor colors: light neutrals and rose gold. (#yesplease)

Life Beautifully Designed Custom Ornament

As I started posting pictures of them, on my Instagram, people started sending me messages, asking me to make some for them too! SAY WHAT??

So, I said, “Heck, yes!” and off to work I went!

*Side note: I am a little weird when it comes to trying to relax. Sometimes, I want to lay on the couch watching Friends or Planet Earth marathon. Other times, I like to paint circles over and over. And the sleepy, underutilized left side of my math brain is so happy and relaxed. If you want to see me painting circles on repeat, click here. 😆

All you left brainers, probably went there, huh? It’s okay … I won’t tell.

And during this discovery time, I thought it would be fun to do a few traditional glass ornaments. So, I started working on those too …

Life Beautifully Designed MK Ornament

Just look at that sweet little thing … isn’t she cute?! The precious recipient of that ornament is about 1,000,000 times cuter though. 💖

Anyway, while I’ve been lettering and doing calligraphy for almost 10 years, I didn’t really highlight that skill until a few years ago.

Traditional Copperplate calligraphy hooked me. Then, a more casual, approachable style of hand-lettering hit me right in the chest. I guess more accurately, my heart.

I’m so grateful for the One who blessed me with a gift that can be used to love others … and honored to have a place to share it with you!

Oh, and if you’d like to purchase a custom ornament, click here, and let’s chat!