I wish I could sit down with you, right now, drink way too much coffee, in our sweat pants and tell you this entire story face to face.

But I can’t. Or at least not today. I’m going to try to do this quickly!

Blogging is new for me. I had a little personal one that I had when my first daughter was born where I documented her milestones and it was really just for me. In fact, I just went to it the other day and spent hours nearly crying at how time really has flown by. Hang on though, let me back up a bit.

Act 1: As a young girl growing up in Texas through the public school system, I took art classes with the rest of the kiddos growing up. But, when we entered junior high (aka, middle school) and high school, I wanted no part in art classes.

Although, ever since I could remember, I have been completely in love with handwriting styles, typography (except I didn’t know it had a name back then) and writing notes to my dad and sister. ❤️

See, I was a math nerd. It came fairly easily, for the most part. And because I may or may not be someone who has a strong desire for accuracy (ie, “no, that’s not centered … it’s at least 1mm off!!!”), I assumed I would just become a CPA – because it’s concrete. Literal. Work the problem the right way and you get the right answer. Simple as that.

Act 2: Enter real life.

I left for college thinking things were all set and I was on a path totally predictable … ohhhh, what things I could share now with my 18-year old self from back then.

Long story, really short: my dad’s brain cancer came back. I withdrew from school to go home and be with him. He died, just a few weeks after.

Fast forward a few years after working full time … I randomly saw a commercial for the Art Institute and I said to my then 22 year old self, “Hmmm… I’ve never done that before. Maybe I’d like that.”

Turns out I did!

And the rest is history … sort of.

I spent nearly two decades in the world of graphic design and advertising. From little start ups to the big, corporate kind. Learned so much. SO. MUCH.

Best practical thing I learned in that time?

CALLIGRAPHY!! I took classes in the evenings after work with a woman who had been teaching 40+ years. She was amazing. Still is!

And HELLO?!?!?! … just like that my two most inner nerdy qualities (I love nerds by the way!!) were finally united!! My secret obsession for pinpoint accuracy was married together forever, with my deep love for handwriting … and it hit me like a ton of bricks.


So there, I never meant to be an artist, but …

I. LOVE. IT. in fact, I’m kind of crazy about it. (In a good way, I think 😬)

Act 3: THIS WEEKEND … I have the chance to attend the AMAZING event called The Inspire Workshop, with THE KariAnne Wood from Thistle Wood Farms. And as each day gets closer, I do a silent whisper squeal more and more often!

Can we say dream come true?!?!?! …

AND, I had the crazy, awesome opportunity to help hand letter a few pieces for her workshop and guess what?? …


Life Beautifully Designed KariAnne Quote

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