Well, it’s been a long time coming … so much passion, energy, love, sweat and even tears shed … but the wait is finally over!

Drum roll, please … my website, Life Beautifully Designed, is officially launching next week!!

I’m doing a little happy dance over here, overwhelmed with so many feelings. Indescribalbe JOY, a huge sigh of relief, a pinch of anxiety and a whole lot of love going down right now.

So first things first …

THANK YOU for being here. For taking the time to visit and check out my passion project.

Something that started as just a way for me get away and destress from the hectic life of a wife and mom working a full time job outside of the home.

After the whirlwind evenings of typical, after school busyness, the dinner rush and the hurry of getting the girls to bed while hubby worked late nights, I would sit down and letter scripture. To relax, unwind and destress from the day. Not only was the content something that I depended on, the actual lettering part made it stick longer and I have just always loved handwriting since I was a little girl. For as long as I can remember.

Paper and pen is my jam. ❤️

I’m just a simple girl, wife to a hardworking husband, with two precious daughters, who loves Jesus with every bit of her heart.

I don’t claim to know everything, (or even that much really 😆) but what I have learned over the past couple of years is that God was preparing me for this very moment. He had been laying down the groundwork for me to get to this point: to choose to use the gifts He gave me to bring glory to His name.

And, how He saved me … from myself.

More on that later but if you have read this far and only take away one thing, please hear me say this: I owe everything I have and do not have to God. Every blessing in my life has not always come easy. But He was with me during those times of growth and He is still faithful now.

Don’t miss this: God has a plan for me. For my life. And for yours. He is faithful. And HE LOVES US. So. Much.

So here we go … hold on tight … I know I am!! Because I feel like flying by the seat of my pants, wait no, by my leggings … on a high-flying trapeze with Jesus as my safety net.

Let’s do this, people!